About Us

Blue Mitten Farms is an independently owned and operated, USDA GAP Certified farm located in Okemos Michigan. Our goal is to provide area restaurants and markets with safe, sustainable, year-round hydroponic lettuce and microgreens.

In June of 2016 we began renovations of an existing 14,000sqft Nexus greenhouse and updated it with Crop King N.F.T. hydroponic systems, reverse osmosis water filtration, a nutrient auto-dosing unit, new shade cloth, supplemental lighting and automated controllers. Coupling this modern farming technology with our small but knowledgeable team of born-and-raised Michiganders, we have been improving our practices and providing high-end romaine, artisan greens, microgreens and herbs year-round, as well as seasonal offerings from our outdoor plots since December of 2016.

At 12,000 heads of lettuce and around 500 flats of microgreens we have nearly reached our growing capacity in the main house, and increased demand has us excited for our upcoming expansion into the remaining six, 70ft hoop houses this fall 2019. We greatly appreciate all the support from our chefs, restaurants, distributors, neighbors, family and friends thus far and we’re looking forward to growing along with the incredible Michigan food scene!

We deliver directly to the greater Lansing area and elsewhere via Del Bene Produce and Cherry Capital Foods. For ordering or more information please contact us at phil@bluemittenfarms.com

Our Location