Who We Are

Blue Mitten Farms is located in Mid-Michigan’s Ingham County.  Our farm in Okemos is committed to using only sustainable farming practices along with a close relationship to the local community.

*We are committed to providing Mid-Michigan and the surrounding areas with locally grown products which are safe and grown sustainably.

We grow a large variety of fresh vegetables in our newly renovated greenhouses.  Some of the vegetables we grow include chards, russion red kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, brussel sprouts, zucchini, broccoli, spinach and peppers.  We use a state of the art hydroponic system in our newly renovated greenhouses that creates a better end product and is also better for the environment.

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Why Hydroponic is Better Than Organic!

The debate of hydroponic vs. organic will continue as long as there are farmers.  Regardless of the growing method, we know that clean food is better food.    We make the search for safe, nutritious food easy.  The best way to know that your food is clean and safe is to know your local farmer and their farming practices.  You can never be sure of the safety of produce from foreign countries as they are transported long distances and usually treated with sprays.  Buying food from a local farmer is the best answer to eating the highest quality and safest produce.

Unlike Soil, our hydpronic systems feed the plant directly.  This way they get more of the water and nutrients they need in an ultra-efficient manner
We have installed the latest Reverse Osmosis water filtration system to ensure our plants have the cleanest water available.
Efficiency is the name of the game and what we excel at.  Because we are more efficient, the plants require less energy making it more sustainable for the environment
This is a major concern for farmers that utilize soil as a medium.  Since we don't use soil, we don't have to worry about soil quality at all!
We have full control over our environment including heat, humidity, shade, water supply, nutrients, and more.  We can match conditions to best suit our current crop.
Just like it sounds.  We avoid soil completely.  If our plants don't contact soil, they stay cleaner.